iTi 2nd Year Engineering Drawing Syllabus | इंजीनियरिंग ड्राइंग सिलेबस

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 iTi 2nd Year Engineering Drawing Syllabus | इंजीनियरिंग ड्राइंग सिलेबस (Mechanical Trade Group)

Following 22 Trades have been Covered in Mechanical Trade Group 2nd Year Engineering Drawing Syllabus

(Fitter, Turner, Mechanic Agriculture Machinery, Mechanic Motor Vehicle, Ref. &A/C Mechanic, Mechanic Maintenance (Chemical plant),Refractory Technician, Marine Fitter, Aeronautical Structure, Machinist, Machinist Grinder, Textile Mechatronics, painter General, Central Air conditioning plant, Mechanic Mining Machinery, Mechanic Machine Tool Maintenance, Operator Advance Machine Tool, . TDM (D&M), TDM (J&F), Spinning Technician, Textile Wet processing Technician, Weaving Technician.)

Engineering Drawing Syllabus

After Passing iTi Career Option | iTi के बाद क्या करें? Apprentice या Job

iTi 2nd Year Trade Engineering Drawing Syllabus ( इंजीनियरिंग ड्राइंग सिलेबस )

I. Construction of scales and diagonal scale
(कंस्ट्रक्शन ऑफ स्केल एंड डियागनल स्केल)
II. Conic sections (Ellipse and Parabola)
III. Sketches of nuts, bolt, screw thread, different types of locking devices. e.g. Double nut, Castle nut, Pin, etc.
IV. Sketch of shaft and pulley, belt, gear, gear drives.
V. Sketches of foundation.
VI. Sketches of pipes and pipe joints.
VII. Rivets and rivetted joints, welded joints.

  •  Simple work holding device e.g. vice
  •  Drawing details of two mating blocks and assembled view

VIII. Assembly view of

  • Vee blocks
  • Bush & Bearing
  • Different types of Coupling, Muff coupling, Half Lap Coupling,Flange coupling, etc

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iTi 1st Year Trade Engineering Drawing Syllabus | इंजीनियरिंग ड्राइंग सिलेबस

NSQF Level 5 Base Syllabus 2 वर्षीय ट्रेड कोर्स यह सिलेबस डीजीटी द्वारा जारी किया गया है। जिसकी तैयारी छात्रों को करनी है। आप देख ले कि आपका क्या-क्या सिलेबस बचा है। क्या सिलेबस पूरा हुआ है और उसकी तैयारी करें।आने वाले समय में जल्द इस पर सारे सिलेबस के टॉपिक्स को पूरा कराया. Kept on visiting...

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